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Harnesses, reins,changing bags, inflatable arm bands,baby ear protectors, splash mats and more. In Bunny Bumpkins miscellaneous section we have all sorts of products for your childs safety and for your convenience
Baby Brush & Comb Set in 3 Colour Choices
A baby brush and comb set. Available in pink, blue or white.
Happy Mandarin Shampoo and Bodywash
A gentle baby shampoo and bodywash for baby's sensitive skin.
Zoggs Roll Ups Arm Bands Pink
Childrens' inflatable armbands.Suitable for children from 1-6 years
Ear Defenders For Babies  (Blue)
Childs ear protectors. Great for noisy concerts or sports events.
Ear Defenders For Babies  (Pink)
Protect your childs hearing at concerts or sports events with these pink ear defenders.
Dooky (Pram, Pushchair, Car Seat) Shade - Aqua Circles
Kids shade. Can be used on pram, pushchair or car seat.
Harness Buddy Koala
Toddler harness with a 3 foot long rein.
Pipsy Koala Kangaroo Backpack Safety Harness & Rein
Toddler harness and rein. Safety strap adjusts as your child grows